Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Macy's!

Soooo Christmastime is pretty much my most favorite time of year. And I feel like it is close enough to start blogging about. I love everything about Christmas, including that two of my favorite hobbies: shopping and decorating, are requirements! I love the smells, the spirit, the meaning, the stores, the movies, the music... annnnd the commercials! So to kick of my Holiday Season Blogging I thought I would share one of my favorite commercials for one of my favorite stores with you today! There will be much more to come as I am slightly obsessed with Christmas and would move to WhoVille if I could. So maybe it's the Miracle on 34th St lover in me or the shopper... but I just love some Macy's! So please enjoy two of my very favorite Macy's commercials.

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