Monday, January 31, 2011

Video Love Letter

I'm not ashamed to admit it.. I totally have Oprah season passed on my Tivo. I usually watch episodes late at night when I can sleep or if nothing is on TV. The other night I watched one of her Oprah in Australia episodes and after seeing this couple I literally was balling like a baby. I was so touched by their courage and genuine love for one another. Kristian Anderson is from Australia and is married to a beautiful lady named Rachel. In 2009 Kristian was diagnosed with cancer and has been fighting for his life since. He made this YouTube video for his wife Rachel on her birthday as a thank you for all of her love and support. It is overwhelmingly touching and beautiful and is set to one of my favorite songs of the moment called Marry Me, by Train. I was so touched by their love story and had to share this with all of you. 

As we start another work week/school week... may we be reminded of the every day blessings of life, health and the pursuit of happiness. God is good. 

Have a wonderful Monday!! 

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