Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bachelor Recap

I can't help it. I am addicted to The Bachelor again this season. So of course I watched last night as I'm sure all of my fellow addicts did as well.

Here are my thoughts...

1. Shawntell's date- can we say HEAVEN??? Seriously what girl DOESN'T want some hot guy taking her on a shopping SPREE???? Seriously. I was jealous as were all of the other girls. I did not however care for her Fendi bag.. and I didn't love the shoes she wore with the dress. I loved their actual date even though the topics of conversation were very odd, I loved that they laughed and that she literally cracked him up. So funny to watch.

2. Group Nascar Date- I have loved Emily since week 1, I have also not liked Allie since week 1. Last night solidified my reasoning for both. Emily is just a doll, I think she comes off super genuine and nice. I also love her clothes, like I want every outfit. Allie is like a man in a dress. I think she is super rude and comes off like a whiny brat. I'm not even going to comment on how insensitive it was to put Emily on this date.. the producers knew she would be upset and that emotions would ensue... it's the Bachelor, that's what they do.

3. 2 on 1 Date- Although I really like Ashley S. I don't think either Ashley is a match for Brad. I thought this date was a complete rip off of Ali and Roberto's Lion King date from last season.

4. Cocktail Party- Michelle is psycho.. was she trying to seduce him or what? Very strange. Chantel I actually like.. but please stop crying. I love how she talks about how she is so independent and not needy... are you kidding???  A lot of crying going on this season. The 2 girls that went home... I didn't even know their names so I can't say that was a shocker.

Looks like a good rest of the season to come!! If you are interested in knowing where to get any of the clothing or accessories of some of the girls check out one of my favorite blogs http://www.possessionista.com/. She is awesome.

On another note... today it is super dreary and rainy where I live which only reminded me of how much I would love to be wearing a pair of these...

Kate Spade Randi Rain boots. Adorable.

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