Friday, October 8, 2010

Foodie Friday: A Dedication

In honor of my very first reader, second mom and dear friend whom I affectionately refer to as Pammy, I would like to dedicate this post... because today is her BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Pammy absolutely loves The Wizard of Oz so what better to blog about on Pammy's day annnd Foodie Friday but fabulous Wizard of Oz Cakes (and a few others)?! Exactly.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend! I love you more than words.  I wish you many more wonderful birthdays to come!! xoxo

All of these fantastic cakes were made by Corina Collier who has unfortunatley stopped making them. All I can say is they've come a long way since my 2 yr Birthday Big Bird Cake!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!!

Pink Love


  1. I love the Wizard of Oz cake. I hope she had a wonderful birthday

  2. absolutely love the cakes. The Wizard of Oz one is gorgeous.