Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PB Rooms

My parents recently bought a new house so needless to say my Mother and I have been obsessed with decorating for the last 2 weeks. I have scoured the Internet for ideas for furniture and bedding. It's quite exhausting but sooo fun. I'm pretty convinced that I would love to work for Pottery Barn and do nothing but create beautiful rooms all day long. (A girl can dream right?!) Anyway, in my search I have found some amazing rooms that I am just in love with and hope to recreate. Pottery Barn just has this way of making a room so cozy and cheerful at the same time. I just love it.

(side note/p.s.: any help with sites that have great bedding, besides department stores (I have checked them ALL) would be a huge help!! :) )

Room ideas I love...


  1. Love all of these Pottery Barn pictures!!!

  2. Check Serena and Lilly for bedding, they have beautiful things !