Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bachelorette Episode 1

So, I have long been a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette on ABC. I have watched every single season. Yes, I am aware that a lot of it is set up, edited, and dramatized. But, I don’t care. It’s my guilty pleasure. I was really excited for this season of the Bachelorette because I just loved Ali from Jake’s season.

If you watch the show you know that the first episode basically consists of all the guys getting out of a limo, delivering cheesy lines, and meeting Ali. So here it is… my break down on the show and the guys. I promise from now on it will not be this long. I blogged during this episode so every thought I had, I typed. Not a good idea when you have ADD. All my comments are meant in good humor. This is a reality show; this is not curing world hunger. It is a show. With that said, Enjoy!

First we meet a few of the guys as they are packing their bags to go and meet Ali. My first impressions:
Ok Frank from Chicago is a total cutie but acts like a hyper poodle, and has a whack tooth in front. He should get that fixed. I’d like to see him without the glasses. His look reminds me of Reed from Jillian’s season.
Craig M. is a no.
Outdoorsman Kyle says he needs a woman. I say he needs a dentist and a hairstylist. And what is up with all the stuffed (literally) animals? If he actually wins he may stuff Ali.
I’m not getting a good vibe from the Justin guy, not feeling the whole “rated r” thing.
Phil I like. The brother story was really sweet. He seems like he and Ali would have a lot in common as far as how they have reprioritized.
Jonathan the weather man, he says he uses his humor, I'm guessing that is all he has to use. But he doesn’t seem that funny.
Ty from Tennessee. Helllllllo Rocky Top. You are a cutie pie. He is going to be a favorite of mine, I can just tell.
Chris L. seems sweet, his story is very touching, I just hope there is more to him.
Roberto from SC. Love already. Dimples.
Derrick from San Diego... HOT.
John C. ewwww.

I really wish that they didn't waste time with Chris asking her all these questions. I am not a fan of Ali's hair extensions. She looks so much cuter natural. Her dress seems too long, it doesn’t fit well. I hope they let her dress herself the rest of the season.

Limo Time:

OK first one out of the limo is Chris H. from Canada. He seems cute. He needs crest white strips. (As you will be able to tell, teeth and hair are very important to me.)
Oh My Hottie. Jesse. His opening line didn't land too smooth but who really cares. This guy is smoking.
Chris L. is a cutie. I like the accent.
Ty is adorable. Just seems like a sweet southern boy, got to love em.
Holy crap why is he on top of the limo? Ohhh Frank. He will be funny, he reminds me of Michael the break dancer from Jillian’s season.
Justin the "professional wrestler" I just get a bad vibe. a Wes vibe. I'm not digging him.
Jay the lawyer. So stiff. Hate his hair. I am predicting he won't last long.
Chris N. from Fl. he did a magic trick and his line was cute for corny.
Kasey I like until he starts talking. He sounds like he needs to swallow. A little too mushy for me too. What’s with the protecting her heart thing, he just met her. Too serious. Chill Kase.
Ohhhh Kyle. He's not my type. But I'm not the Bachelorette haha. The fishing thing was cute though, I will give him that.
Roberto love the dimples, and love that he is a Charleston man.
Craig M. I loved his opening line but never a good idea to mention another woman. His tie is very Chuck Bass but he’s not as cool as Chuck Bass, so it really doesn’t work. And the hair, no words for the hair.
John N. his hair is awful. What is up with all their hair tonight? Did none of them go to a salon before going on this show? If he changed his hair he'd be way cuter.
Tyler V. is just a snooze.
John C. seems like he should be on Broadway instead of the Bachelorette.
Jonathan... awwwkward. haha bless him. I am just not feeling that.
Craig R. I'm gonna pass on him.
Steve is a cutie. He seems really sweet. He reminds me of Jason, when I liked him.
Tyler M. . hate the boots with the suit. plus he was inaccurate with his info, then argued with her about it. I'm not feeling it.
OMG. guy that needs to go to the bathroom. why. just why would you say that.
Derek. omg. no. just no. who cast him??
Phil. seems like a good guy. That’s really all so far.
Shooter? I hope the nickname is a funny story not a gross one.
Ok what is it with them getting on top of the limo? Jason I wish you had split your pants, now that would have been an opener. He pretended to fall off the top? What was that????

One on One:

Who is the dork that made a scrap book?? Do guys make scrap books? I was unaware of this. Kirk. bless your heart.
Kasey. he just wants to protect her heart. That's sweet. A little much for a first meeting but, sweet. he seems very intense. He needs to have more fun.
Hunter the guy with the ucalailee seems funny. But he has creeper eyes… we’ll see about him.
Shooter. Holy inappropriateness, as Bethenny Frankel would say. What girl wants to know that on first meeting wow. Shooter you should have saved that one buddy, for like never. I’m guessing there went his rose.
Roberto. I'm kinda loving. Just adorable. Loved the salsa dancing thing.
Craig L. I really like. And I liked that he didn't bring up his moms death on the first night.

I don't like Justin at all. He say's he's rated r. I rate him an F. for fail. What the heck. "entertainment wrestling" what even is that??

Craig R went up in my book for noticing the vibe on Justin, but let's not be a tattle on night 1. The yellow sneaker thing was cute. Almost.

So then Chris comes in and tells the guys they have to vote for the guy that is there for the wrong reasons. My Vote: Justin

Jesse makes me swoon. He is gorge. Love him. H seems so sweet. He listens to his sister which is a good sign.
Ty... adorable.
Yay for the SC boy getting the first impression rose. Nice pick Ali. He seems very genuine and sweet.
Annnnnd Chris is back and the vote is in. and the winner is.... Justin. Shock. Well, he's shocked. I'm not.

Roses Ceremony:
Jesse and Ty are the first to get roses. smart girl! followed by Craig R. Tyler V. Frank , Steve, Chris L., Kirk, John C., Chris N., Chris H., Hunter, Craig M. (what is she thinking??), Jonathan, and Kasey. and Justin and Roberto who got one before the ceremony.

Kyle the animal stuffer took it kind of hard. Great call on getting rid of Shooter and Jay the most boring guy ever.

Looks like a drama filled season. Perfect. Can't wait!!
- J

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