Monday, May 31, 2010

The Bachelorette Episode 2

7 Things I thought about tonights episode of The Bachelorette...

1. I freaking love Frank. He is so adorable. I loved the date he and Ali went on, they seemed very natural together.
2. Craig M. seems like a complete jerk. He needs lessons from Ty and Roberto on how to be a gentlemen. I am so glad Ali saw through him. Also, holy sweat stains Batman! Did anyone else see those? Gross! What is up with that?
3. Ty. He is just the cutest thing. He seems so genuine and sincere, even his song for Ali didn't seem fake. I'm predicting final four at least for Ty.
4. How funny was the weatherman about his speedo?  Poor guy, he could not catch a break this week.
5. Jesse. Jesse is  a total hottie. I am not a tatoo fan at all, but he did clean up nice in that suit. He seems very shy, I don't know that I see the chemistry between he and Ali. His one on one seemed more forced than Ali and Franks date.
6. Roberto. He's from Charleston, SC... need I say more. We know how to raise them here. haha but seriously I love him, and I loved him last week before I knew he was a former baseball player. The game of catch was too cute. He is going to be a keeper.
7. I can't ever remember their names but the two guys from Cape Cod I adore. I hope we see more of them next week..


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  1. OMG. I love Frank & Ty! They are definetly my favorites!