Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite Things: Beauty

So, if you follow my blog you probably have figured out that I am kinda obsessed with makeup and beauty products. And if you did not know that... well now you do!

I've been a MAC girl for years, as in completely obsessed with their products and new collections and so die hard that I refused to try any other kinds of makeup... that is.. until recently. Over the summer I got an itch to start branching out a little and I discovered several brands that I am in love with: Benefit, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals and NARS to name a few...

There are sooo many great products out there, and even though MAC will always have my heart and be my #1 fav.. I just have to share a few of the things I've found. A lot of these would make great gifts for the beauty girl, girlie girl in your life!

Bare Minerals Well Rested.. this is such a multi functional product. I use it under my eyes to set my concealer or as a cheek highlight.. it gives you that gorgeous Kardashian-like glow and perks up eyes that may have needed a few extra hours the night before. Amazing product!!

This is a great gift for mothers, sisters, or anybody that loves perfume. Such a cool, great, awesome idea that Sephora does every year. You get 15 deluxe samples of all the most popular scents PLUS you get a coupon in the box that you can take to a Sephora store and get a Full size bottle of the sample you liked best! They have the set above which is perfumes for her and then they also have the Favorites set which is all the most popular scents of the year. I think this idea is genius and would make a great gift. You can buy this online at or in Sephora stores and at $50 this is an awesome deal!!

Hands down BEST lip gloss I've ever used, and trust me I've tried every single one!! This makes your lips feel amazing, it has a slight tingle that makes your feel like Angelina. I swear by this stuff! It's my Bare Minerals, you can find it online, in stores or at outlets. My bff K wears Bare Minerals products and had this in her purse so I used some one day and literally got some that same night! It is amazing and comes in all kinds of different shades. Great stocking stuffer!!!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is my absolute favorite eye primer! I use this every single day. I have tried ones by Smashbox, MAC, Urban Decay.. you name it, and this is the best. Love love love this stuff! If you have a problem with eye shadow creasing or you don't wear a lot of makeup but want your lids to look flawless.. you need this product! I use this and then use a MAC paintpot (usually in soft ochre or bare study) and my eye makeup does not move all day!! Great stuff!

This is a NARS gift set from Sephora, it comes with basically their iconic products: Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush, and a bonus Orgasm lip gloss. If you know someone that loves makeup this is a great gift for them. NARS is known for these products, so they are really a must have for anyone that is into makeup. You can get this at or in Sephora stores or anywhere NARS is sold probably.

Ok, so if I had to pick a favorite makeup product for 2010 this pallet would be it. When I tell you it took me months to track this down I am not exaggerating. I was on 3 different wait lists before I finally found it!! This is the Urban Decay Naked Palette.. it comes 12 amazingly beautiful shadows, 2 eyeliners and their potion primer. The colors are gorgeous, all neutrals and extremely pigmented. I cannot say enough great things about this. I will say that they are very hard to find, they have been a rave on beauty blogs for a while so they have been sold out forever. But, if you can manage to find one.. buy it!!! It is the best $44 you will spend.

This is not even close to all that I've found.. so stay tuned for more! I love finding new things and always welcome new recommendations.. so please share your finds!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. I want to try the fragrance sampler and the Urban Decay palette. I just bought a palette from Bobbi Brown that had some silvers and purples, and I've loved it. Have you ever tried Tocca perfume? I just found it two months ago and haven't ever found anything that I loved that much. The Stella is my favorite.

  2. that pallet is gorgeous, but i don't know that i would have had months worth of patience to find it!

  3. Love your makeup reviews! I haven't tried any of these yet.

  4. I love the too faced eye shadow primer!!! Definitely a necessity.