Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FAV Winter Nail Polishes

I love love love nail polish!! Some might would even refer to my love as an obsession. I typically change the color on my nails about every 3-4 days. I know a lot of people think of painting their nails as a hassle, but I have it down to a science after lots of practice. To me having manicured nails with pretty polish just completes a look. Here are my favorite/most used polishes for Fall/Winter.


 (L to R) Yummy Mummy, Sweet Heart, and Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.

These are great colors if you are not comfortable with color on your nails. They are really great nudes that look great on every skin tone. OPI's Sweet Heart is my go-to nude year round.


(L to R) Queen Vic, Angora Cardi, Over the Knee, Limited Addiction

If you only try one of these out, Angora Cardi is the one I would pick. I love this color, it is the perfect pop of color for your nails in the winter time. Limited Addiction is my favorite red, it is a true red, no shimmer and looks so pretty for a night out.

(L to R) Little Brown Dress, Mink Muffs, Glamour Purse, Hot Coco, Chinchilly

Mink Muffs has been one of my most used polishes this season and I highly recommend it. Anytime I pull out my nail polish container and don't know what to use I grab Mink Muffs. 

(L to R) Carry On, We'll Always Have Paris, Mrs. O'leary's BBQ, William Tell Me About OPI

There is something really chic about dark nails to me, but I cannot put black polish on my nails it just looks bad. So I opt for darker maroon colors that achieve the same look without making my hands look pasty goth. We'll Always Have Paris has been my favorite this year. So pretty.
Brands: Butter London, OPI and Essie

What nail polish colors are your must-haves? 


  1. great nail polishes =)

    check out my blog =) and follow, if you like =)

  2. mink muffs is one of my "go-to" colors as well!

  3. I am definitely agreeing with your polish choices. I am loving the Zoya Feel collection. xo