Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughts of the day

I am a woman that struggles with jealousy. I am a woman that struggles with insecurity. I am a woman that struggles with bitterness. I am a woman that struggles. Are you? I am a woman that sometimes does not feel like she is enough. Enough pretty. Enough smart. Enough wealthy. Enough popular. Are you?

I decided to write this post after really thinking about this topic in my quiet time last night. I feel like so many women struggle with this and we don't want to talk about it because it is just a reminder of another area where we are lacking. I've said this before on this blog, but we really do live in a society of mean girls. The world is mean to women and women are mean to women. We really can't win for losing. I feel like this is a huge reason why we often beat ourselves up over not being good enough. We have very unrealistic expectations of how we are supposed to look, act, feel and live. I don't know about you but the thought has literally crossed my mind that if I just get that handbag I will feel so much cuter. I would dare to say that it may not be a handbag for you but maybe a guy, or a job or maybe something else. But we have this idea that if we just get that we won't have this insecure feeling anymore. I know so many times I have thought well, once I get married I won't feel jealous of my friends anymore etc. But that concept and idea are so false. There is no man on this planet, not even Ryan Gosling, that can take away that dark seed in us.

I have such a blessed life. I truly do. Jesus spoils me so much everyday with amazing family, friends and the greatest church on the planet. But, there are days and moments when I forget all that blessing and I think of the things I don't have. In those days and moments I cling to these verses. And I mean literally cling as in they are ready to go at any moment when I feel like I am anything less than..

I hope these encourage your heart like they do mine.

I am complete in Christ. - Colossians 2:10

I am my beloveds and His desire is for me. - Song of Songs 7:10

May the beauty of the Lord be upon my face. - Psalm 90:17

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. - Philippians 1:6

Sidenote: One of my pet peeves is women that absolutely refuse to compliment or give credit to another woman. So I challenge you that the next time you think your bff looks pretty (even if YOU don't feel pretty yourself that day) you tell her. Or the next time you like a coworker or classmate's idea you tell them.

I am praying for each one of you that reads this today. Let's love with the grace of Christ. Let's be Proverbs 31 women that speak with "the law of kindness on our tongues." An'd look cute while we are doing it!

Love you girls!

 ~ Jennifer


  1. Those verses are great! Another of my favorites is Psalm 45:11, "Let the king be enthralled by your beauty;honor him, for he is your lord."

    Thanks for this post today!

  2. Great observations!!! Will definitely be dishing out some feel good compliments to friends today <3

  3. Thank you so much everyone! So glad you got something out of it!