Friday, October 23, 2009

Did you watch Greys Anatomy last night??

Ok so I am slightly obsessed with a few tv shows and thanks to wonderful TIVO I get to keep up with them.  I have been a huge Greys fan since season 1 but the show had kinda hit a lull, until last night.  If you didn't watch it you should go to and watch it now... it was that good! It was old school style Greys Anatomy! I was so glad to be watching it after I had tivo'd it because it was one of those episodes where you are just dying during the commercial breaks! It was so good that I had to blog about it. So if you are a greys fan and missed it... go watch it! If you have never watched Greys... it's a great time to start!

A few things...

1. I would have so been Lexie in that episode... the girl crying because that boy was in so much pain... I don't know how nurses do it!
2. I love McSteamy... he may be the hottest thing ever.. and he and little grey.. presh
3. I wish Bailey and the Chief would get out of this funk... I miss the old ones
4. Nose Dive.. hilarious
5. The scene at the end reminded me why I love Yang

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