Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Love Note

Some days I forget that not only am I a Christian but I am God's daughter. I forget that He loves me in such an intimate way and delights in the details of my life. His love is so rich that I don't think we can comprehend it, and so deep that we cannot fathom it. What a comforting truth that is. The God of the galaxies loves me infinitely more than a loving father rocking his newborn baby girl for the first time. He looks at me and sees a kind of beauty that no man could ever see. As I mulled over this today God led me to a particular website. I saw this a few years ago.. but today I guess I needed to see it again. See, my Savior is so in love with me that sometimes He sends me love letters... and today He sent me one in the form of a video. I hope this video reminds you of just how intimately God loves you, and may it bless your heart in the wonderful way that it blessed mine today.

Follow this link to see an Interview With God:

"Grace be with all those who love or Lord Jesus Christ with an incorruptible love."
Ephesians 6:24

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