Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Fall/Winter 09 Collection Part 1: Coats

So those that know me know that I am slightly obsessed with all things Jessica Simpson, and have been for years. I am a true fan, not one that jumped on the band wagon during the Newlyweds era. Yes, my love for Jess dates back to the days when she hadn't even released "I Wanna Love You Forever" my love began when I heard her song "Did You Ever Love Somebody" that was on the Dawson's Creek Soundtrack. I just love her... and I was completely devastated when Newlyweds ended... and on occasion will pull my dvds of all the seasons and watch them.. it's therapeutic. Anyway.... sooo of course when JS came out with her fabulous clothing/shoe/accessory I was very excited. I have been looking on her website at all the cute stuff for fall.. so this week I decided to dedicate my blog to my celeb bff Jessica Simpson's fall/winter 09 collection. For part 1 I'm covering coats because I am currently in search of the perfect fall coat for myself, these were my favorites and they are all price pointed below $200... tomorrow I'm thinking we will move onto shoes... Enjoy! :) I absolutely love this one.... I think a cute red scarf would finish it off nicely.
Love this for a night out or a fancier occasion.

Love the big buttons at the top...

Ok.. who can resist a great red coat? It's sooo Miracle on 34th Street

I will be adding this one to my collection as soon as Dillard's or Macy's goes 25% off... shoot I may not even wait for that... I love love this coat! So cute and I can thing of a gazillion outfits to wear with it. I think Rachel Zoe would approve.

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