Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fashion: Cardigans

If you are a cardigan sweater fan then this is your year! Although cardigans are really a classic staple to any wardrobe, this fall they are out in full force! I am personally a huge fan of cardigans just because they are so diverse and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This season designers have given the classic cardigan a modern update and I think they can be classified three main ways: the ruffled cardigan, the classic cardigan, and the boyfriend cardigan. I've already added a few of these to my fall wardrobe and am loving them! These are in stores everywhere so you are sure to be able to find one in your prince range! I found all of these at my top 3 fav stores: Banana Republic, J Crew and Gap. Happy Shopping! :)

The Ruffled Cardigan:
Ultra feminine and depending on fabric can be used with a cocktail dress or with jeans. These are also perfect to pair with dress pants for work. One of my favorite styles of the season!

J Crew $98

Banana Republic $79

The Classic Cardigan:
Clean lines and fabric make these ultra preppy and chic.  These are classically designed but with new fabrics, designers have given them an ultra stylish look this fall. Cute with just a simple tank and jeans, these are perfect for any fall wardrobe.

J Crew $128

Banana Republic $69.50

J Crew $128

The Long Cardigan or Boyfriend Cardigan:
These are very comfy and casual. Great with denim or khaki and can be thrown on really quickly to make your grocery store attire look a little more put together. There are also some (like the bottom one pictured) that can be used like a coat.

Banana Republic $79.50

Gap $69.50

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