Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bachelorette Finale

So months ago we watched as bachelorette Ali met 25 guys in her search for true love. (Yes I just channeled Chris Harrison). Last night we watched as she introduced her final 2 guys to her family. We got to see her final date with Roberto, and then we watched as she shockingly broke it off with Chris L. the day before the final rose ceremony, a first in bachelorette history. 

Here is what I think.. I have so much more respect for Ali for letting Chris L. go the day before. Not only to save him the hurt but to also keep him from wasting the experience of picking out a ring and proposing. Chris L. seems like the most genuine, sweet and amazing guy. I happen to think that a sweet southern belle is just what he needs. 

So she chose... SOUTH CAROLINA boy Roberto!! I have loved Roberto since night 1, I think he is absolutely adorable. Ali really was lucky because she had some amazing guys this season. Roberto is so sweet and you can tell that he is madly in love with her. 

So the question is.. Will it last?? I have no idea. I sure hope it works out better than Jake and Vienna. I've watched every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette and so far only 2 successful (married) couples. Not so great of a track record. But, only time and US Weekly will tell!

Cheers to Ali and her southern gent Roberto!

Bachelor Pad starts Monday!! 
pink love,



  1. I LOVED Chris, so I was sad to see him go, but you could really tell that Ali and Roberto are so in love. I'm happy for them and hope it works out!

  2. I've never watch the Bachelor/ette shows but it always amazes me when they get engaged and move in together at the end. As if either of those are the next natural step after only "dating" for a few weeks or months or however long they film. I mean, just a day before she got engaged, she was dating at least one other guy. So they go from casually pretend dating in fancy places to marriage? They might have more success on these shows if getting engaged wasn't even an option. Then again, I've never watched so I guess I can't speak from any sort of authority. She's a pretty girl though and that dress was stunning.