Monday, August 30, 2010

Shoe Candy

I happen to love this new trend. Shoe clips. What a genius idea. This simple and affordable yet adorable accessory can turn a plain pair of shoes into a fabulous pair! Love. it.

(side note: I think my mom may have come up with this concept years ago when she would make bows for the laces of my Keds, they clipped on and matched my outfits. She should have totally patented it.)

Some of my favs I've seen...

I found these on Modcloth's website



And these adorable ones on Etsy...

Talk about transforming a pair of nude shoes. I love both of these. Check out both of these shops, the sellers have tons of cute stuff!

If you are interested in some shoe candy of your own I would suggest Etsy. All you have to do is search for shoe clips and literally over 2,000 results will come up! I've linked all the sellers in with the prices so that is a great starting point as well! Each designer makes several different ones, all of them were adorable. Such a great idea.. especially since we are headed into ballet flat season!!!


  1. that's so clever! what a great way to update an old pair of basic shoes! i love the monkey knot one!

  2. woah - I had these when I was a little girl! these are not new. Sometimes my mom would let me put clip on earrings on my shoes. but this is not a new thing lol wish I had made them into a business

  3. Oh my gosh, I love all of those clips from Etsy! Great post!

  4. great post thanks for sharing!!!

  5. These are sooo adorable. I love all the girly, frilly options you found - I'll definitely have to snag some for my ballet flats.