Saturday, August 21, 2010

TopShop Handbags

Fall is soon approaching, I hope. I love summer but these days in South Carolina it is a miracle to get through the day with your makeup still intact! So I am definitely ready for a cooler breeze and the need for a cardigan! So, I am admittedly obsessed with handbags/purses/totes. It is ridiculous, I know that I have way to many but somehow it seems like I never have enough. As I've said before I have a gift (or curse) of rationalizing any purchase, which can be dangerous. So, obviously with fall coming I need a new bag (or five) right?! OF COURSE! So I've been looking at a few sites and I was recently looking on Topshop's site and although I'm not a total fan of all their stuff, I actually found several bags that I liked.

Here are a few that I think are really cute for fall. They are all from Topshop so you can find them on their website which I linked above.

I really love a great clutch and I think that this one is great for fall. It's $44, which I don't think is a horrible price and I am sure it will go on sale. This one I will keep checking on because I really like the colors in it.

Leather Detail Bow Holdall, $100. This bag I liked, it also comes in gray and a buttery yellow color. The gray looks really nice, especially because that is one of the "it" colors for fall/winter 10, if you care about that stuff.

Large Puchlock Leather Satchel, $180
I really really love this bag. I love the color, style, everything. The only thing I don't love is the price. Although it seems to be a really nice bag, $180 is a lot for me to spend on a red bag that is seasonal and can't be worn with everything (in my opinion). But, it is a really great bag and gives me some sort of idea for a colorful fall bag.  Who knows maybe TopShop will have a half off sale.

This is another Leather Pushlock Bag and it's priced at $190. I love the color of this bag. I think you could wear it with almost everything. It comes in other colors as well but I really liked this one.

Leather Chain Handle Bag, $90
This bag reminds me of Chanel, and who doesn't like that? Seriously.

TopShop for me is hit and miss. Some things I really love and could see me wearing and others I hate. These bags I really liked, there were others I liked on the site as well. To me that is really the key to being a good shopper, keeping an open mind about different stores and picking and choosing pieces that work best for you and your personal style. I'm sure there will be many more bag posts, as my search continues so stay tuned!

Pink Love,

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  1. Oh my gosh, love the clutch!

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