Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Your Momma's Talbots

OK, so I have long been a critic of Talbots. It is my mom's favorite store so she always drags me in there to help her pick out clothes, I have always hated it. But, recently (the past 3-4 months) I have actually enjoyed our visits to Talbots! In an attempt to appeal to a younger more modern clientele, Talbots has revamped their plain Jane sweater sets and added very stylish yet classic pieces! We are talking adorable cardies, jackets, tops, jeans, basically a fabulous new line! I absolutely love some of the new things for fall! I have already purchased a few things that I cannot wait to wear once this South Carolina air gets a little cooler! I understand if you might be skeptical... so please enjoy the evidence below!

Pink Love,


LOVE this jacket!!!

Adorable right?! SHOP NOW!!


  1. I am in total agreeance with you! I browsed through the store a couple weeks ago and they had some REALLY cute stuff. It's way too overpriced though!

  2. I have picked up a couple things from the spring collection. I will be shopping there more often than for a total classic piece.
    My mother and grandmother have always shopped there and I felt like you.

  3. Absolutely love everything! So glad I found your blog!

    xo you have a new follower

  4. Hey J... thrilled you noticed the change at Talbots! Check out more great things for Fall here...