Monday, July 26, 2010

Bachelorette, The Men Tell All

Personally, I could have stood to have heard a little more. The Men/Women Tell All is usually one of my favorite episodes and this season's did not disappoint. The highlights for me...

1. The Kasey montage- "This is just my heart, jump in and stay awhile" oh boy, as we say down south, bless his heart. It was hilarious. I will give Kasey koodos, he took the criticism and joking in a very graceful, lighthearted manner which I respected. 
2. I loved that they showed scenes we had never seen, the bloopers are always my favorite anyway so I loved that they had even more this time.
3. Chris N- where was this guy all season?? because I sure would have liked to have seen him. I was glad he finally decided to show his personality.
4. Craig R- I find him hilarious. Like, I want to sit down and hang out with Craig R. He makes me laugh.
5. Kirk- adorable. sweet. caring. kind. I hope he finds a sweet girl.
6. Justin, Rated R whoever you are- I'm over it. Stop talking about this guy. He's a jerk.

Can't wait to see who she chooses. IF she chooses someone. I'm thinking she won't... but we'll seeeee.

Anyone else watch??

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  1. YES! I love Kirk, he is too cute! And I was thinking the same thing about Chris recollection of him at all. Can't wait for next week!