Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's In My Beach Bag

I always have a towel in my beach bag. These are some of the ones I have. The two pink ones are by Lacoste and the orange paisley was a gift from K and it is by Ralph Lauren. I love these towels because they are really soft and extra long.

I loved my Lilly beach bag because it not only had 3 side pockets but it had this clear pouch that snapped onto the inside. I kept hair ties, my blackberry and chap-stick in it. I like options when it comes to chap-stick, but they all have SPF. The white tube is by Hawaiian Tropics and has SPF 45, the flavor is Vanilla Mint. (It was my fav) The other two are by Burts Bees, one is pomegranate and the other was mango. (I also kept my ipod in this but it's not in the picture)

Sunglasses are a must! These are by Juicy Couture and the case is Vera Bradley. 

I am very particular about Face sunscreen because they can cause breakouts if you choose the wrong one. This one is by Clinique and it is SPF 30, it works really well. It's light and doesn't clog your pores.  I also keep some type of de-tangler or leave in conditioner in my beach bag because the salt water dries out my hair. This one is Daily Nourishment by John Frieda, it is really good. I also keep a wide toothed comb in my bag because I have naturally curly hair and if I don't comb through it after I get out of the water it is a tangled mess!

I always keep a book in my beach bag because I love to read. These are the ones I read this year. The Beach House by Georgia Bockoven was probably my favorite. I also LOVED the first 2 books from Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series. 


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  1. Love those beach towels! Your Lilly beach bag is cute, too!