Friday, July 2, 2010


I havn't blogged since Monday because it has been a super busy week for me! So I'm going to attempt to play "ketchup"...

My Bachelorette Thoughts...

Justin- I was not shocked at allllllll. I saw this coming.
Ty- I love Ty, but I don't love him with Ali. The more I see them together the more I don't see them together. He is adorable.. but it is the 21st century. Women work. Get over it Ty. 
Ok so the wrestling this was so funny. Their faces were priceless. I esp. loved Craig R this week.. he is very funny but I didn't see a connection with He and Ali. I thought she made the right choice.
Frank- I love Frank but I get a weird vibe from him.  I have for the past couple of weeks. After seeing the previews I can see that my vibe was right. 
I can't wait for Mondays episode... 1on1's and JAKE AND VIENNA! Yay!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

ECLIPSE!!! Who saw it??  

I am a Twilight fan. I just can't help it. I have read all the books and like many others totally want to be bitten and made the next Mrs.Cullen. So me and K (against better judgment) stood out in a long line Tuesday night to catch the Midnight showing of Eclipse. Well as luck would have it a HUGE storm came and the power went off in the theater right at the end, resulting in lots of angry fans at around 2:30AM. So, we didn't get to see the end and had to go back and see it last night (Thursday).  So it was not a great experience, but I must say that I loved the movie. Eclipse was one of my favorite books so I loved seeing it on screen. It has gotten mixed reviews but I loved it. I highly recommend it. I don't think I will be seeing Breaking Dawn at midnight when it comes out, especially if I have to work the next day. I had to work Wednesday and It was not fun to say the least.

Did anyone else see it???? Thoughts????

Tonight I had a belated birthday celebration with some of my family at one of my favorite places to eat, California Dreaming. It was a good time. So now I'm enjoying a relaxing evening and about to go clean my makeup brushes. Sound super fun I know haha. But, I'm really funny about keeping them clean. Maybe I will do a post on how to clean them sometime... 

OHHHHH and I almost forgot: Foodie Friday

Paula Deen's Watermelon Granita 

that link shows you a video of how to make it..

This is perfect for the 4th of July Holiday and VERY easy!!

pink love,


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