Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shampoo Review

Ok so for the past year I've been a faithful Redken Blond Glam girl when it comes to shampoo. I mix it up every now and again with Redken Body Full or Real Control, but bottom line I've been a faithful Redken girl. Well, a few weeks ago I got the notion for a new shampoo. I knew I was going to the beach and I wanted something new that would make my hair super shiny and healthy. Voila... while in Ulta with my bff K I found the perfect shampoo. Bonus: it is completely organic! No sulfates, dyes, or other harmful chemicals. I loved that! Then I opened it up and smelled it and it smelled goood. I was sold. So I tried it and LOVED it and continue to love it! My hair is shiny not oily, and super soft not frizzy. I highly recommend trying this shampoo! It's only $6.99, I got mine at Ulta but you can find a store near you on their website. They are so sure you will love it (because you will) that they have a rebate! Don't like the shampoo and they will refund your money. 

They have 3 different kinds... I'm currently using "I love my hair! Body and Shine Shampoo" just because it was the best choice for my hair type ... but I am sure all of them are good. (p.s. I use the conditioner as well)

To get more info on this fabulous family owned organic shampoo line go here.

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