Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bachelorette Episode 3

I am literally watching the rose ceremony right now wanting to scream at my TV because Ali just gave Justin the last rose. Poor Steve, he seemed so nice I wish she had given him more time. John C. went home as well, and I am just in shock that she kept Justin AND weatherman over those two. The Previews for next week looks good, as an experienced Bachelor viewer I am guessing that they are building up this Kasey thing. Just a hunch. So.. without further adieu, my random thoughts on tonight's episode...

1. Roberto- I love this guy, and not just because he is from SC. He is AAAAADORABLE!!! He seems like the sweetest guy and it doesn't hurt that he is very easy on the eyes. I love his type of guy, a real man that makes you feel safe and loved. He and Ali are such a cute pair. I hope he makes it to final 2.
2. This group date was boring to me. I love Barenaked Ladies but the whole video thing just didn't seem like a great date to get to know people. The most awkward part was Weatherman, I just feel sorry for the guy. 
3. Frank needs to chill, I still love him though.
4. Hunter's date- AWKWARD!!
5. Justin- I don't like, he didn't earn any points with me for hobbling up the road.
6. Ty- I love. I hope he gets sent home at like final 3 so he can be the next Bachelor and I can register for his season. Love him. He needs some wardrobe help.. but I would be happy to shop with him. 
7. What and I repeat WHAT was Jesse wearing?? Denim shirt and Jeans... No Thank You. He is still a cutie, but he DEF needs wardrobe help. 
8. I love Chris from Cape Cod. I hope we see more of he and Kurt next week. They need 1 on 1 dates. 

 - J

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