Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For Today, Orange is the New Pink

So a random fact about me is that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE BASEBALL. I love to watch it, go to games.. you name it. Baseball is my favorite sport overall. In my opinion Baseballers have the cutest uniforms (but that is beside the point and I'm sure they would hate that anyone called their uniforms "cute"). So I decided to do this post because my BELOVED TIGERS are playing in the CWS or College World Series! They won game 1 against no. 1 ranked Arizona State and they are playing Oklahoma tonight!! So in honor of all my Clemson Tiger Baseballers.. I dedicate this post. GO TIGERS!!

p.s. I'm highly superstitious when it comes to sports so I am a smidge nervous to post this before we play tonight.. but I will anyway, because win or lose my blood runs ORANGE! :)

I also want to share 2 very adorable websites, I am linking the Clemson pages but you can find stuff for other teams as well. . . and McAuley's has other types of clothing and accessories that are really cute.

Game Day Divas

McAuley's Unique Boutique

To all non Clemson fans.. at the end of the day it's all about Team Spirit. Game day outfits make every sport a little more fun! Enjoy!

And for members of the Clemson fam, a few pictures to enjoy...

all photos courtesy of TigerNet :)

Orange love,

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