Thursday, June 17, 2010

Front Porch Looking In

As a southern gal I am a huge fan of porch sitting. I love it in the summertime when you can sit outside with something cold to drink and talk with the ones you love about your day. Porches are a staple in the south, it is where we recieve guests into our home, wind down a long day or go to take a sunday afternoon nap. I was recently on Southern Living's website and saw some gorgeous pictures of portches that I just have to share. I cannot wait to have my very own porch one day that I can transform into a beautiful space like these.. and as we say in the south.. come sit a while...

I love that they made this into an outdoor dining room and living space. This would be perfect for having guests over for lunch during the day or you could transform it into a formal space by changing the lighting at night.

I love this one because it seems calm and relaxed. I like how they used nautical seafoam colors to give the room a tranquil feel. They made it feel like a beach house, which I love.

I love this one because of all the outdoor plants and the overhead lighting. This porch would be perfect for entertaining.

This one just seems perfect for a sunday afternoon lunch or a late afternoon lemonade to me. I love the outdoor fireplace.

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  1. I love porches! We have four (yes, four) in my house, and we spend so much time there! I absolutely love the first and third pictures! One of my house "musts" is a large porch!