Saturday, June 12, 2010

Have you seen these?

Last year when my family and I were vacationing in Florida I saw several people with these cute clips that held their towel in place on their chair. I had never seen these before but thought wow what a great idea. When you are on the beach it gets windy and it's hard to keep your towel from flying off your chair when you get up, so these clips looked perfect.

So imagine how excited I was when a few weeks ago while killing some time in Bed Bath and Beyond I see them! They are called Boca clips and they come in several different styles. I picked up the pink flamingos for me and the tropical bird ones for my mom. I can't wait to use them in a couple of weeks.  They are available on the Boca Clips official website or you can go to Bed Bath and Beyond like I did. They are super cute and only $5.99!

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